You Can Dance!

Get energised, shake off the stress and dance!

 Join us each week for an hour of dance exercise for Over 50s via Zoom. 

Registration is quick and easy - just let us know if you need help.

We are asking for a £5 contribution per session, payment details will be in confirmation email.

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What is Dance for Over 50s?

If you’re over 50 and want to get active, meet other people and shake your thang then our weekly Zoom class is for you! Join us for a weekly hour of energising dance exercise via Zoom, to get your heart pumping and soul jumping! 


Every Thursday at 11am swap your snack break for a dance break. You'll be welcomed by Rachel and her team, there's a chance to say hello and settle in. You can keep your camera on, or turn it off so no one else can see you if you prefer. Dance instructor Rachel will lead you in accessible movement for all levels of movers and shakers. An eclectic mix of music from 70s disco to 00s pop and dance styles from slinky salsa to cheeky charleston! 

When and Where?

Every Thursday at 11am (Zoom room opens at 10.50am) 

How do I join?

Just register with an email address and you’ll be emailed a Zoom link to click on before 11am every Thursday.

All you need is an internet enabled device, laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera (technical support and guidance will be available on every session).

How do I pay?

We are asking for a £5 contribution from April 2021.  We are asking for payment as we have come to the end of our funded project. Your contribution will help sustain our team in continuing to run high quality sessions every week. If you are in a financially difficult position then please do not feel obliged to pay. We have some generous participants who are able to donate a bit more to help anyone unable to pay. 


Why we're running the project...

We understand that it has been a tough year for everyone and we recognise that many people in our community have had to shield themselves or for their families during the COVID-19 lockdown. With limited opportunities for live fitness and social activities we’re embracing the ‘new normal’ and offering weekly online sessions to you! We have discovered that many people find online classes more accessible and feel more comfortable to dance freely in their own homes. So even though we're on the road to lockdown lifting, we are continuing online to reach more people. We hope these dance exercise classes will get you active, meet other people and ultimately support you through these challenging times. Everyone deserves a bit of me time, and with Rachel’s fully accessible dance classes you’ll feel rejuvenated in your body, mind and spirit whatever level of movement you have.



The original project ran October 2020 - March 2021 and was funded by London Sport and Sport England supported by Peabody and delivered by Rachel Sparks Dance.