You deserve some 'me time'

If you’re an unpaid carer and could do with some

‘me time’ get energised and meet other carers

Join us for an hour each week via Zoom. 

We are asking for a £5 contribution per session, but if you're unable to pay, please still register!

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"There are not many treats for the unsung heroines - unpaid carers - but this is one of them"

Fiona, Unpaid Carer

"These classes are vital for us, in order to have some exercises and a breather.  As often we forget about our own wellbeing." 

Pat, Unpaid Carer

"being a full time mum in an autistic household, the dance session allows me to carve out a bit of time for myself"

Kelly, Unpaid Carer

What is Dance for Carers?

If you’re an unpaid carer and could do with some ‘me time’ then you can join us for a weekly hour of energising dance exercise via Zoom, to get your heart pumping and soul jumping! If you're able to pay, we are asking for a £5 contribution per session. 


Every Tuesday at 11am swap your snack break for a dance break. You'll be welcomed by Rachel and her team, there's a chance to say hello and settle in. You can keep your camera on, or turn it off so no one else can see you if you prefer. Dance instructor Rachel will lead you in accessible movement for all levels of movers and shakers. An eclectic mix of music from 70s disco to 00s pop and dance styles from slinky salsa to cheeky charleston! 

When and Where?

Spring term - 6 April - 25 May

Every Tuesday at 11am (Zoom room opens at 10.50am) 


How do I join?

Just register with an email address and you’ll be emailed a Zoom link to click on before 11am every Tuesday.

All you need is an internet enabled device, laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera (technical support and guidance will be available on every session).

How do I pay?

We are asking for a £5 contribution from April 2021. Details of how to pay will be in the confirmation email once you've registered. We are asking for payment as we have come to the end of our funded project. Your contribution will help sustain our team in continuing to run high quality sessions every week. If you are in a financially difficult position then please do not feel obliged to pay. We have some generous participants who are able to donate a bit more to help anyone unable to pay. 

Why we're running the project...

We understand that unpaid carers’ have had a particularly difficult time during the last year, with many of your usual support services and social opportunities unable to run. We are offering this hour of ‘me’ time to help sustain your energy and take care of your own needs. The sessions are low pressure, so we will understand if you need to pop off screen to tend to your caring responsibilities - that is totally ok! We understand that it might not be possible for you to attend every session. However, we do want to give you the opportunity to take care of your own health and wellbeing - take the session as a Thank You for all that you’re doing.


The original project ran from October 2020 - March 2021 and was funded by Thamesmead Community Fund and The London Community Foundation, supported by Peabody and delivered by Rachel Sparks Dance.